September 18, 2020

Quick Share a link to Microsoft Teams

I have discovered recently by chance this nice feature: that allows to quickly share a link from the browser into a Microsoft Teams Channel.
I share here my learnings and how to integrate this feature e.g. to a hotkey.

September 16, 2020

Outlook VBA: How to get Appointment Organizer or Email Sender Email

I have struggle to find out this one. How to get an Appointment Organizer via VBA.

I've needed this for this nice Outlook to Teams Chat Macro.
I share here my learning and final solution.

How to create a shortcut to/ start an office 365 Standalone Web Application?


Most of the office 365 applications can be accessed via the browser. You can browse to them via the waffle = open
Now for each application if you use Chrome as browser you can also create a shortcut to the web apps a bit less cluttered by the default browser menus and toolbar.

I explain here step-by-step how to do this.

Open Teams Meeting Chat in a Separate Big Window

In Microsoft Teams when attending a Meeting you can only view the Meeting Chat close to the main meeting window narrowed on the right side. You can not move this chat into a separate Window and therefore to another screen.
This is pretty annoying especially if you are presenting something or moderating. (You can not view the chat in the sharing mode anyway.)

I present here a workaround for this issue.

September 11, 2020

Outlook to Teams Group Chat

The integration between Outlook and Teams has still room for improvement.
(Right now you can forward and email to a channel using the channel email and share a conversation from Teams by email)
The nice Reply with IM only opens a chat with the From recipient. (1-1 chat) and with Reply All with IM it replies to all Recipients in To AND Cc. Also the name of the chat does not reflect the outlook item subject (contrary to Skype IM integration)
A common use case is from an Email or a Meeting you want to generate a Group Chat with the same list of recipients.
I present here a workaround based on VBA.

This post is a Work-In-Progress and will be continuously improved based on the interest/ comments.

Open Teams Links directly in the App

When opening Microsoft Teams Links (starting with before being redirected to the Microsoft Teams App/ Client then will be opened in the browser and you might get a left-over window opened in the browser.
I present here a way to workaround this issue.

September 10, 2020

Universal Date Picker/Calendar with week numbers/ Quick insert current date


AutoHotkey is really great!
With AutoHotkey you can very easily get a date picker + small calendar utility displaying also the week numbers.

(This might avoid you implementing forms in vba.)